Water infrastructure lessons from one of the UK’s driest counties’


Cambridgeshire’s Water Infrastructure Challenges: A Summary

The water scarcity challenges faced by Cambridgeshire, one of the UK’s driest counties.

  • Limited Water Resources: Cambridgeshire relies heavily on groundwater (99%) due to lack of local reservoirs, making it insufficient for planned future developments.
  • Infrastructure Strain: Existing infrastructure can’t support new housing projects, leading to Environment Agency objections.
  • Proposed Solutions: Long-term solutions include a new Fens reservoir and a transfer pipeline, but short-term measures are needed.
  • Developer Role: This Land, a responsible developer, aims to surpass water efficiency standards in new homes by 2025.
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS): Managing surface water runoff through SuDS helps reduce strain on existing infrastructure and mitigate flood risks.
  • Shared Responsibility: Reducing water usage at home (smart meters, rainwater harvesting), businesses (sensor taps), and schools (water-saving measures) is crucial.

Amulti-faceted approach involving planners, developers, and residents to ensure a sustainable water future for Cambridgeshire.


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