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    Soham Eastern Gateway

    At a glance

    • More than 80 new jobs created
    • 540 new homes
    • Brand new Staploe Medical Centre and pharmacy
    • 20% affordable housing
    • New pre-school and community facilities
    • 15 acres of public open spaces
    • 11 new play and recreational areas
    • £337,000 transport contribution
    • 2.3KM of improved public rights of way, cycleways and walkways
    • Multi-million-pound contributions to fund local infrastructure and facilities

    Soham Eastern Gateway is a planned new neighbourhood of 540 homes, with a new medical centre, new infrastructure and facilities, designed to support the revitalised town centre of Soham, one of the largest and fastest growing market towns in the area.

    Soham Eastern Gateway is an allocated site under Policy SOH 3 within the East Cambridgeshire Local Plan 2015. This site will deliver on this allocation and provide significant infrastructure and services to enable the remainder of Policy SOH 3.


    Community facilities

    The Soham Eastern Gateway community will benefit from a new state-of-the-art Staploe Medical Centre, a purpose-built neighbourhood centre, dedicated play and public spaces.

    The existing commons and allotments on the western boundary of the site will remain preserved.



    To support the new homes, there will be a new pre-school nursery within the neighbourhood centre, along with education contributions to provide financial support for local schools.



    To create a neighbourhood where people feel comfortable walking and cycling, there will be more than 2.3KM of improved public rights of way, cycleways and pathways and a new roundabout will be built on the A142 to help improve road safety. This will divert traffic from the development and medical centre away from the already congested Soham Town Centre.

    Offsite highways work will mitigate traffic generated by the development on local A142 roundabouts.



    Access to green spaces and protection of the environment are central to all our developments and the Soham Eastern Gateway will benefit from approximately 15 acres of new public open spaces, including play areas for children and natural green areas. Protecting existing common land is a priority that will remain untouched, and contributions will be made towards their ongoing maintenance. Furthermore, a new safe pedestrian route across the A142 will be created to provide access to acres of fenland and public rights of way.

    Existing hedgerows will be maintained while new hedgerows will be planted to enhance habitat connectivity and encourage nesting, roosting and foraging for birds and bats.

    More than 130 new trees will also be planted across the site.



    Soham Eastern Gateway will provide more than 130 jobs during construction works and a further 87 new full-time jobs.


    Download our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) summary:

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