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We build high quality homes and help drive the delivery of new communities across Cambridgeshire and the surrounding counties in the east of England.

We set new standards for future developments through a design-led approach and by considering modern methods of construction and new technologies to deliver high performance homes efficiently and safely.

Our customer’s homes are designed to successfully blend the old with the new to ensure they are fit for the future today, whilst being in keeping with their surroundings and reducing environmental impact.

This Land’s shareholder is Cambridgeshire County Council. Our partnership with the Council provides financial stability and ensures that together we can focus on the regeneration and the creation of homes of exceptional quality for the local community.

Supply Chain

We are an advocate of working collaboratively and sourcing locally through businesses and suppliers wherever possible. Our approach helps us to deliver consistency and add value whilst strengthening the local economy.

This includes the following architects and designers:


We recognise the importance of maintaining and adopting measures to reduce and mitigate the negative impact of construction on both the environment and the local community. Whether it is protecting habitats and enhancing biodiversity, minimising waste or preventing pollution, these measures are part of our ethos and a crucial aspect of each development.

We also place particular importance on the selection and quality of materials and understand the value of creating green spaces within our developments wherever possible.



Through a design-led approach, we are committed to developing visually striking schemes which are both sustainable and offer energy efficiency and thermal comfort for occupants.

Our sustainable design principles include the use of modern methods of construction to achieve best practice in efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Modern methods including offsite manufactured building components offering a better management of quality and less waste and a safer and faster way to build.

As showcased at our Cityglades development in Cambridge, our homes can combine the latest in-home technology with carefully chosen materials that reflect local character and scheme design.



We are a community-minded housebuilder, taking a long-term view which looks at the impact of our investment to ensure projects support and meet the growing needs of the local community.

We understand the importance of working with local communities and creating a dialogue throughout the build process. This approach helps to create residential developments that are transformative and have a positive identity for the long-term.



We are very proud to announce This Land has won the Best Use of Research and Insights award at the 2021 Construction Marketing Awards. The award recognises marketing excellence across the built environment.

This Land has also been awarded Silver for Property Industry Business of the Year 2022 at the Cambridge Independent SME Cambridgeshire Business Awards.



We have defined our company’s positioning using a simple proposition: Build, Make, Create. Each element captures a part of our approach that will ensure we stand out from the competition.

Build homes by understanding people

Build is about the way we apply customer insight to housebuilding. Few developers can match our investment in, or depth of, customer insight. More importantly, it’s insight we use to turn houses into homes.

Before we began to design the homes we will build, we thought about who would live in them and, more importantly, how they would live in them. This insight pushes us beyond the practical features to think bigger about unique configurations, flexible layouts with the potential to extend already built in and outside and inside space that feels connected. For example, we even thought about the creation of a contained and dedicated space in which to do the laundry, no matter what size or type of home we build. It’s all in the detail and the detail is built around people.

Make places where people belong

Make describes our commitment to placemaking. It’s born from the recognition that a place is not the same as a development. A development is where people buy a house; a place brings people together.

Placemaking is all about character: character inspired and connected to our surroundings and places built around a physical heart – a space people can choose to gather where activities happen, whether that’s within the home or the wider neighbourhood. That character is created by blending homes, amenities, streetscapes, community spaces, green infrastructure, art, sculpture or just a simple road sign to make a recognisable identity. This comes together in our unique approach Placecraft™.

Create relationships beyond transactions

Create focuses on our differentiation through service. We believe a sale is the beginning of a customer relationship, not the end. A sale is a short-term win, a relationship creates long-term value. By exceeding the expectations of those who buy our homes and live in our neighbourhoods, we will create relationships with these customers that drive repeat sales and turn home-buyers into advocates and ambassadors for This Land™.

Senior Team

David Meek

Interim CEO

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Laura Lawrence

Chief Financial Officer

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Mark Sperrin

Head of Land

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Brenda Kibblewhite

Head of Sales and Marketing

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Khalid Shaban

Head of Development

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David Bethell

Head of Governance & Compliance

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