The Importance of Placemaking in Commercial Development

I was delighted to read John McHugh’s feature in this week’s Property Week. John is Head of Strategic and Commercial Marketing at Manchester Airports Group. His piece sought to highlight the importance of placemaking in commercial developments, specifically Platform Airport City Manchester, but applicable to any commercial development.  I couldn’t agree more. If the days of soulless, identikit commercial and retail developments are not yet entirely over, we should all be working to ensure that they very soon become a thing of the past!

This article was a welcome reminder that place-making should be key to all good development – residential or commercial. I was involved with the airport myself in a previous guise - as part of the original team that created the Airport Transport Interchange Hub - so I appreciate and understand MAG’s determination to shape all aspects of the airport’s associated commercial spaces to be as welcoming as possible.

At This Land we have come up with our own conceptual tool to encapsulate our placemaking vision – Placecraft™.  Placecraft™ guides our approach to everything we do – the form and materials of the buildings themselves, the integration of cutting-edge, customer-focussed innovations and of course, thoughtful design of the spaces around the buildings and how they should integrate with and enhance their surrounding streets and neighbourhoods.  Essentially, it’s all about putting the expectations and interest of our customers at the forefront.  

We are determined to quickly become recognised leaders in UK placemaking innovation and creativity, which we will be demonstrating just as clearly through our commercial-led development projects as well as our residential schemes. Watch this space!!