Safe and Stylish Cladding at Cityglades

What’s HardiePlank® Cladding?

It is a versatile, low maintenance fibre cement weatherboard with a natural and beautiful texture. It is the facade of choice for builders, architects and homeowners alike, protecting and beautifying millions of homes worldwide.

Is it safe?

Made from advanced material fibre cement, it will not ignite when exposed to direct flame or extreme heat; it is non-combustible. With an A1, s1 d0 fire rating, the boards are non-combustible and offer the best fire protection possible for any coloured facade board.

HardiePlank® weatherboard has been extensively fire tested under the 13501-1 suite of fire tests for CE compliance and would not contribute to the propagation of fire.  Safety is paramount and we want to offer peace of mind to the purchasers of our homes at Cityglades.



The unique properties of HardiePlank® cladding offers major advantages over conventional materials, providing design flexibility and enhanced durability to protect your home. Not only does it improve the appearance of homes, with its long -lasting, easy care finish, it also offers the ultimate in fire, moisture, rot and pest resistance.

+ Fire resistant

+ Durable

+ Low maintenance

+ Moisture resistant

+ Pest resistant


Plot 1 & 2 exterior CGI    Cityglades Plot 12 exterior CGI