Proposal for 80 Houses in South Cambridge Receives Unanimous Approval

Cambridge City Council Unanimously Approves This Land’s Proposal for 80 Houses

Cambridge City Council has given its unanimous approval to This Land’s application to develop 80 high-quality new homes in South Cambridge. The proposed development, known as Eddeva Park, will be situated between Babraham Road and Worts’ Causeway in the southeast part of the city. With a strong focus on affordability, 40% of the houses will be designated as affordable housing.

Eddeva Park will feature a diverse range of well-designed homes, including detached and terraced houses as well as flats. The affordable housing component will consist of 75% affordable rented homes and 25% shared ownership properties.

CGI of different houses with people walking along a street. Some cars and bicycles are show.
Computer generated image (CGI)
CGI showing how flats could look on the development. Trees, pedestrians, cars and bicycles are shown

The development plan prioritises the creation of open spaces to enhance the community’s well-being. Residents will enjoy four pocket parks, play areas for children, a linear park, a green link community space, and a central community square. Additionally, a landscaped area along the eastern edge of the development will contribute to the preservation of local biodiversity. A wildflower meadow and the planting of shrubs and trees will further enhance the natural environment.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are integral to the design of Eddeva Park. The homes will be powered entirely by electricity, reducing CO2 emissions. Air-source heat pumps and mains electricity will provide heating, while enhanced thermal insulation and a ventilation system will ensure a comfortable living environment with a constant supply of fresh filtered air.

To promote active transportation, the development will include cycle paths and walking routes that seamlessly connect with the existing Cambridge cycle network, encouraging residents to walk and cycle.

Ross Mowle, Senior Development Manager at This Land, expressed delight at the council’s approval and emphasized the collaboration between the company, the council, and the local community. Ross highlighted the significance of the development’s contribution to addressing the demand for affordable housing in Cambridge and the surrounding area. This Land has actively engaged with local residents throughout the process, seeking their input and addressing their concerns. The positive response from the community, with 84% of respondents supporting the creation of a new community building during the consultation, has further strengthened their commitment to delivering a housing development that residents can take pride in.

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Eddeva Park

Worts Causeway, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB22 3AY

This Land has been secured outline planning permission for a 230-home development on the south-east fringes of Cambridge. The development, which will be called 'Eddeva Park' sits between Worts’ Causeway and Babraham Road.

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