Property Developers Should Pro-Actively Engage With Government To Help Drive UK PLC Forward

Open and responsive Government is essential to the future health of the British economy.  Sounds obvious, and to a large extent it is what we in the UK are privileged to enjoy.  However, it will only stay that way if we, the businesses and individuals striving to drive UK plc forward on a positive trajectory, engage proactively with Government and help it to make well-informed decisions for our economic well-being. I’m a passionate believer in industry stepping up to the plate to to help ensure that Government policy making is both appropriate and proportionate, which is why I am delighted to have been elected to the CBI Regional Council for the East of England, representing that vital driver for the UK economy, the development sector. 

The CBI is one of the most effective voices for business and industry with Government.  It has a decentralised, democratic structure, designed to mobilise members’ views through a wide range of standing committees and 13 regional councils, both to set the organisations’ own policy objectives and also inform its engagement with Government on national policy.  It is clearly essential that the housebuilding and development industries play a full part of those discussions and make sure that their voice is heard. 

Of course, there are other ways that businesses can engage with Government, which sensibly now welcomes engagement with the private sector.  It isn’t a question of either or.  At This Land™, for example, we have recently responded to the MHCLG’s consultation on reforms to developer contributions.  It is essential that Government gets these things right if business is to make the most of future growth opportunities, enabling the UK to compete in a highly competitive global trading environment, as well as delivering UK Government policy objectives – including the target of 300,000 new housing completions a year.  

It’s up to all of us in business to make our voices heard and get involved in helping shape national policy and regulation, either directly or indirectly.  For those developers that prefer to keep their heads down and leave the hard work to others, it’s no good complaining after the fact when things don’t turn out the way you would have liked.