Julia Gregory: Getting To Know This Land’s New Non-Executive Director

This Land are thrilled to announce that Julia Gregory has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director.

Julia joins as Chair of This Land’s Environmental Social Governance (ESG) committee, assisting in developing ESG strategy as well as reporting and monitoring future performance.

Known for her dynamism, organisational skills and openness, Julia has nearly three decades of experience in strategic leadership in both the public and private sector as well as a number of Non-Executive Roles.

This Land interviewed Julia, delving deeper into her impressive career and looking ahead to her new position.

Can You Tell Us A Bit About Your Career To Date?

In March this year I became a portfolio non-executive director in a number of development and construction companies. Prior to this, I was the Director of Projects at Ebbsfleet Development Corporation for six years, delivering the investment plan, which allowed me to use my commercial development skills to benefit the public good. These skills were leant with over twenty years in the private sector developing two of the UK’s largest airports, Gatwick and Stansted. My early career was spent in the development arena of Local Government. In my spare time I am the Chairperson for Home-Start Hertfordshire – a charity that supports children and families to ensure they get the best start in life.

What Has Driven You In Your Career?

My non-exec director career has been about working with organisations that have strong ethical values. At Gatwick and Stansted, we developed very strong ESG programmes, which included apprenticeships, work experience, environmental, biodiversity measures which were ahead of their time. It really instilled in me that you can do public good and make a difference, even when working in the private sector. This was underlined further during my time at Ebbsfleet which was set within a community identified by the Government as a priority for Levelling Up. We really worked hard to get people into jobs via construction apprenticeships through our contractors.

Any Memorable Moments Form Your Career?

Leading President Obama’s arrival at Stansted for his first State visit to the UK was a real highlight. It was the time that the Icelandic volcano was causing problems in aviation. The President was due in on the Tuesday, we were suddenly told on the Monday he’d be arriving that night at 9 o’clock to get ahead of any volcanic ash which would stop planes flying. We had a contingency plan and we delivered it as a team, but it is an event I’ll never forget.

Why Did You Decide To Join This Land?

Working with This Land is a perfect role in a sector I know well. I’m really looking forward to chairing a committee and supporting the Executive team to shape and develop a strategy that is relevant for them. That, along with the desire to do something a bit different makes this a really exciting position in a county I know well.

What Qualities Do You Feel You Bring To The Role?

The ability to look ahead, scanning the environment to understand where the direction of travel is. If you can horizon scan, you can assess the risks, mitigate, and get ahead of the programme. I think I’m pretty well organised and know the direction I’m going in. I feel I’m very open and really value technical knowledge – everyone has technical knowledge whether it be a labourer or an executive. Teamwork, working cooperatively and collaboratively is also really important to me.