The Board and staff at This Land are saddened to hear of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a head of state who always put service before self. She put the welfare of her people to the forefront of everything she did and was always a shining example to all.

As her subjects, she also reminded us that she was also a mother and our thoughts go out today to all members of her family, particularly those who must now take up the reins of Head of State at this very difficult time.

Her Majesty was a beacon of integrity, tolerance and generated goodwill and understanding between peoples of all cultures, between nations with different political leanings and between countless governments. As our Monarch for 70 years, she was an exemplary ambassador for Great Britain and the wider Commonwealth.

Her leadership was inspirational and she will be missed not only throughout the United Kingdom but also within the many nations that saw Great Britain as a cultural home and Her Majesty as their iconic and irreplaceable Head of State.