Ground-breaking ceremony marks the start of work on Eddeva Park housing development

Ground-Breaking Ceremony Launches the Start of Eddeva Park Development

This Land has held a ground-breaking ceremony to mark the start of work on its new Eddeva Park housing development between Babraham Road and Worts’ Causeway in south-east Cambridge.


Breheny Civil Engineering Clears the Path for Strategic Infrastructure

Breheny Civil Engineering is starting work clearing the site and putting strategic infrastructure in place prior to the commencement of construction work. This Land will then start development of the first phase of the project, which is to deliver 80 new homes. The company has also recently disposed of land to Cambridge Investment Partnership for the development of 150 new homes.


CEO David Lewis Excited as Project Begins

Speaking about the commencement of works David Lewis, CEO of This Land, said: “We are excited to be starting work on Eddeva Park, which will provide much-needed housing in Cambridge. We have worked closely with Cambridge City Council to ensure that this development supports its Local Plan and delivers significant wider benefits to the community. It also furthers our joint ambition to create a greener future with a housing development that minimises energy usage and creates new habitats that let nature thrive.”


Ground breaking ceremony at Eddeva Park. 8 men in a line 4 with shovels
Ross Mowle and David Lewis of This Land joined by the team from Breheny

Eddeva Park: A Vision for Sustainable Living

When completed, Eddeva Park will provide 230 new homes, of which 40% will be affordable. It has also been carefully designed to support Cambridge City Council’s commitment to tackle climate change by minimising energy use where possible across the development and by promoting cycling and walking.


Community-Centric Design and Economic Growth

In addition, it will deliver a new community centre and areas of public open space designed to bring the new and existing communities together.

The development will also bring economic benefits to the city through the creation of primarily local jobs during the construction phase, and when completed the new housing will support local businesses in the area.


This Land will shortly be holding a residents’ forum to discuss logistics of the forthcoming construction work in order to understand concerns about traffic management and to minimise any disruption to the local community.


Future development

Eddeva Park

Worts Causeway, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB22 3AY

This Land has been secured outline planning permission for a 230-home development on the south-east fringes of Cambridge. The development, which will be called 'Eddeva Park' sits between Worts’ Causeway and Babraham Road.

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