Five ways to reduce your energy bills

With the current cost of living crisis and rising energy prices, we are feeling the pinch more than ever. According to a research report by the HBF1[1], new build homes will save on average over £3000 in annual energy costs when the energy price guarantee (EPG) increases on the 1st April.

Compared to older properties, new energy efficient homes offer significant savings and are more environmentally friendly to run.

When buying a new-build home from This Land™ you can eliminate the need for costly energy-saving measures that you would be required to carry out in an older house, however, there are still some actions you could take to further reduce your energy bills.


Turn down one degree

Ensuring your thermostat is set correctly is an easy way to reduce energy consumption. The lowest recommended temperature for your thermostat is between 18 and 21°C. When your thermostat is set correctly, it eliminates the need to turn it up when it is colder outside, as it will heat the rooms to the set temperature regardless. This prevents your home from getting warmer than it needs to be and turning your thermostat down by just one degree could save £60 on your heating bills!


Energy efficiency EPC tableReflect your radiator

Radiator reflector panels are a handy, low-cost option to get the most out of your heating. The foil panels sit behind your radiator to reflect heat emitted from the radiator back into the room, preventing it from escaping through the external wall. Reflector panels behind radiators can save you around £19 a year on your energy bills.



Lights off

Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs such as LED and enable an average saving of £40 a year. Also, always turn your lights off when they are not in use to prevent wasting energy. Being more conscious about the way you use your lights can lead to annual savings of £15.


Reduce water consumption

Energy is needed to produce hot water at home, so by reducing water use, you can also reduce energy costs. You can do this by: opting for short showers instead of baths, only using washing machines and dishwashers once they are full, turning the taps off when brushing your teeth and using a washing bowl to clean up the dishes.


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