Five reasons to buy new in the New Year

The Christmas tree has been taken down, the New Year’s Eve sore heads are on the mend and you’re all set to step forward into 2023 with fresh optimism.

If cramming those Christmas decorations away highlighted a lack of storage, or having the family to stay felt cramped and claustrophobic, maybe it’s time to think about moving in the New Year.

If you’re itching to check out what’s on the market, here are five reasons why it’s the opportune moment to buy new.


No Upward Chain Cuts The Stress

Property chains are where a group of home buyers and sellers are connected. If one person’s property sale falls through, this can affect the rest of the chain, causing you both the disappointment of losing your dream home as well as money if you’ve already invested in your purchase.

However, buying a new home means you are the top of the chain with no upward sellers to be concerned about. This is a huge benefit, particularly in the fast-paced, moving picture of the current financial climate.

Avoiding the often drawn-out dealings through the solicitors in long chains and cutting out the anxiety of an upward chain collapsing, gives you the control to step into the market with full faith of securing the new property that you desire.


Additional Stock Means More Choice

Traditionally, post-Christmas is a great time for the homebuyer as a wave of new properties go live on the market. This could well be enhanced in 2023. Many property developers will have taken the decision to hold back their new stock in reserve during the peaks and troughs of the second half of 2022, waiting for smoother waters come the New Year.

January might well be the ideal moment for those perusing the market for a new property, with a wider choice of options.


Stamp Duty Cut

Following the stamp duty tax cut in September, you may have decided that the start of the New Year is the right time to take advantage.

The Government introduced a rise in the threshold at which homebuyers pay stamp duty – the tax based on the value of the property they are buying – from £125,000 to £250,000, and up to £425,000 for first time buyers.


Lower Those Utility Bills

New homes perform better when it comes to energy efficiency, resulting in lower utility bills.

Airsource heat pumps, double/tripled glazed windows and doors, low energy lighting, 30% lower water usage, all combine to save those pennies for people that purchase a new home with us at This Land.

A Government report in 2022, showed 84% of new houses in England were given an EPC rating of an A or a B between October and December 2021, compared to just 4% of existing homes.


New Home Warranty For Added Peace of Mind

Buy a new home this January and ensure you avoid footing the bill for any of those nasty surprises.

At This Land our new homes come with a two-year new home warranty. Your appliances and specialist materials will be covered by manufacturers guarantees. All structural issues are protected by our warranty providers in place for ten years. A level of protection not achievable when buying an existing property.



If you have a New Year, New Home mentality this January, speak with This Land’s Home Buying Executive today. Call 07388 673364, email or visit our website