Exciting Archaeological Investigation to be undertaken in Burwell


A major archaeological investigation will be undertaken in Burwell before work on a new housing scheme starts. The site on Newmarket Road has been identified as a possible site of a significant Bronze Age settlement. To ensure the settlement is recorded and any artefacts safely recovered and removed, developer This Land will be undertaking a comprehensive archaeological dig.


Once the archaeological dig has been completed, This Land will start on site with the construction of a community of 350 new homes, which includes affordable housing. The scheme will include a mix of two, three, and four-bedroom spacious homes, with all dwellings having a low carbon footprint and benefiting from non-fossil fuel heating.


The proposed development will embrace the unique character of Burwell and has been designed to meet the needs of both existing and new residents. With significant areas of green open space, the plans incorporate a village green, recreational areas for local children and teenagers, and an extensive network of pedestrian and cycle paths.

As part of our ongoing investment in Burwell, under the plans This Land™ will contribute approximately £1.6 million under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act, to benefit the local community. This includes a significant contribution towards the development of the new Burwell to Exning cycle path and over £29,000 allocated to supporting local libraries.


A further key benefit of our proposed development will be to enhance biodiversity in the area, with the plans including careful planting of native hedgerows, wildflower meadows, swales, and ponds.

The archaeological dig is due to commence in April for a four month programme.

Millstone Park

Newmarket Road, Burwell, Cambridge, CB25 0BA

More information to follow.

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