Eddeva Park – Water diversion work and closure of Wort’s Causeway permissive footpath

The footpath from Babraham Road up to Worts Causeway was originally closed in order to divert the mains water supply for the new Eddeva Park development. Unfortunately, after work commenced there was a significant drop in the mains pressure, and in order to protect the supply to neighbouring houses, the diversion work had to immediately cease until remedial action could be taken. That work is still underway.

We have enquired into the feasibility of reopening the footpath on a temporary basis, but unfortunately this will not be possible. There is currently an open excavation in the area where the water diversion works are to take place and the ground level has been lowered significantly in the vicinity of the footpath. The ground at this level is composed of chalk, which would be very slippery during wet conditions, and the permissive footpath would not be safe for public use.

The first phase of the infrastructure work is now commencing and the contractor has advised that the earliest date the footpath could be safely reopened will be March 2024.

We understand that the permissive footpath provides a convenient route for local residents, and we wish to apologise for the frustration that its prolonged closure must be causing.

This Land will continue to update local residents on the reopening of the footpath following the completion of the drainage works on site.

Future development

Eddeva Park

Worts Causeway, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB22 3AY

This Land has been secured outline planning permission for a 230-home development on the south-east fringes of Cambridge. The development, which will be called 'Eddeva Park' sits between Worts’ Causeway and Babraham Road.

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