This Land joins the Build Back Better campaign.

The Build Back Better is a collective response for a Covid-19 recovery plan that hinges on the key positive lessons learnt from the pandemic, such as care for our communities and the environment.

Covid-19 has caused vast social and economic disruption and many communities will be suffering long term financial, health, and emotional consequences. By developing our sites in Cambridgeshire, we will generate revenue for our shareholder, Cambridgeshire County Council, which will be reinvested into vital public services and building local resilience to meet our future needs.

As the world recovers, we at This Land want to lead the charge in the construction industry and, supported by the Government’s upcoming reforms to our planning system, build homes and neighbourhoods that stand the test of time.

We are a company with a social conscious; by co-signing the Build Back Better mandate, This Land joins a group of ethical UK businesses and associations which includes the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), the British Chambers of Commerce, and The Wildlife Trusts.

David Gelling, This Land Managing Director, says: “Through our combined response, we can help ensure we can emerge from this crisis with a stronger and fairer society. New homes are at the forefront of the response and will likely be a key part of the UK’s economic recovery. At This Land, the homes we build, the places we make and the relationships we create will enhance the lives of our customers and local communities.”