A life of ‘wondr’ at Cityglades

All homes at Cityglades include Wondrwall’s award-winning home automation system, so read on to see what all the fuss is about.

What is it exactly?

Wondrwall is an artificial intelligence-powered home automation system that can control your heating, lighting, security and entertainment needs. The heart of Wondrwall is the intelligent light switch. Each light switch houses 13 sensors which all work together throughout your home to learn how you use your home, seamlessly adjusting your environment leaving you to get on with your day. It can be voice activated or accessed with the app.

Is it easy to use?

Yes. Wondrwall is exciting because it can do everything for you without you having to do anything. The intelligent software will learn from you and continue to improve how it lives with you.  If you need to adjust the system at any time this can be done by voice control or via the app on your phone.

All purchasers at Cityglades can book an onboarding video call with the Wondrwall experts who will guide you through the system and ensure you are getting all the possible benefits at no additional cost.

Will it save me money?

Smart heating systems help reduce energy consumption costs by up to 31% by optimising the heating automatically avoiding waste. Wondrwall identifies your heating preferences from past behaviour and knows how long it will take your home to reach ideal temperature. As well as working to your routine, the intelligent software can make adjustments anytime, so if you are going to be late home from dinner in Cambridge City, Wondrwall will sense this change and pause the heating until you are back, saving you the costs associated with heating an empty home and the time remembering to change the settings.

This is also the case for lighting your home at Cityglades as it recognises when your home is empty, turning off any lights that may have been left on if you have to rush to leave to get the train.

Sounds interesting…. Can I use it for security? 

Your home at Cityglades will be much safer with Wondrwall in place. Each light switch works together to form a multi-sensory alarm system throughout the home which will not only detect motion but even the sound of an intruder before they have even entered your home. If Wondrwall detects the presence of an intruder, it will not only sound the alarm but also flash the internal and external lighting and alert you via the Wondrwall app. Wondrwall is always on guard and can be activated remotely via the app but most importantly will start to automatically arm your alarm if your home is empty after only a few weeks of learning your routine.

What happens with my data?

Apart from Wondrwall’s self-learning technology using the data collected on how your use your home to build an efficient profile to control your homes lighting, heating, security and entertainment; absolutely nothing. All personal data is encrypted and stored in the GDPR compliant system and not shared with anyone else.

Why Wondrwall?

There are a multitude of ‘smart home’ devices available on the market but we have chosen Wondrwall because it controls most of the functions of the home in just one intelligent, fully-integrated system. As a developer we want to always be at the cutting edge of design, technology and energy efficiency and this home automation system will blend seamlessly with the lifestyle of our purchasers, reducing their carbon footprint, saving money and making the management of their home hassle-free.