5 Tips On Creating A Bedroom Oasis

March is National Bed month – A whole month dedicated to sharing the importance of getting a good nights sleep. We’ve pulled together a few tips to help.


Our homes are our own personal sanctuary and now that we are spending more time at home than ever before, we want to feel safe and happy. We all want a relaxing, calming bedroom that will result in a good nights sleep but how do you create a soothing atmosphere?


Tempting shades
Style your room in calming colours and shades of green, beige, grey, dusky pinks or neutral blue’s. These bring a sense of comfort and work well with other accent colours introduced in accessories and bedding. Or, predicted to be popular shades in 2021, go for warming colours such as rich reds, terracotta and plums to create a ‘cocoon’.


Minimalist style
Remove clutter. Your room will become more inviting and calming once all visible clutter is tidied away. Think tidy room, tidy mind and you will instantly feel more relaxed. If you are low on storage space, invest in some attractive storage baskets and boxes to neatly store items.



Control the lighting
You want to wake up feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep and lighting is key to getting the perfect amount of shut eye. If you need complete darkness, pick a quality black out blind or full length curtains on a track from ceiling to floor to keep the light out. If you prefer to wake up slowly and naturally with the first light creeping in, stylish shutters offer a perfect medium.


Treat yourself
According to a recent study from the National health of statistics, the average person will spend over 229,961 hours of sleeping in their lifetime. Now, you’ll want to invest in some cosy, luxurious bedding to enjoy this time. There’s nothing more sumptuous than getting into fresh bed linen at night. Give yourself a gift and choose materials and prints you know that you will love, making bedtime that little bit extra special and transforming your room into an oasis of calm.



Fresh scent
Just like a spa, a pleasant aroma is one of the quickest routes to relaxation. We recommend burning your favourite candle for a while before getting into bed to fill the room with a beautiful smell or finding some diffusers in scents such as lavender, sandalwood, bergamot or jasmine.