Click to Reserve

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At This Land™ we’ve simplified the reservation process to give you the best chance to secure your chosen home and to help take some of the pressure away from your buying experience.

With Click to Reserve there are two simple options to help you to guarantee your chosen home.


Pre reserve allows you to hold your chosen plot for free.

When viewing your plot online simply select the ‘click to reserve’ button and choose ‘Pre-Reserve’. You will then be able to reserve this plot for 24 hours or until your agreed appointment date (within 48 hours). Once you have filled out the form our sales team will contact you to confirm your reservation and make a viewing appointment.

Pre reservations work on a first come first served basis, where there is more than one reservation on a plot, we operate a queue system. You will be notified by the Sales Team if this is the case.


Online reservation allows you to secure your home in just a few simple steps.

Whether you’ve chosen your home online or have been to site to view and choose your property, by selecting ‘reserve’ you are able to make an instant deposit payment to secure your home.

You will need to speak to our mortgage broker to confirm your affordability, a quick process which ensures we can proceed with your purchase. If you’ve already completed this, you will be prompted to log into your account and make an instant payment. If you haven’t our team will contact you to make the necessary arrangements.